Curved Bookcase #053

curved bookcase

Curved Bookcase

Looking for a challenge? Cutting the curves on the end panel stiles will test your skill.

This unique bookcase will sit proudly in any room and certainly generate conversation plus show off your woodworking abilities to your family and friends.

The end panels follow the dadoes that you will cut in the end stiles and the shelves sit in stopped dadoes machined in the flat areas of the inside faces of the same stiles. This will add structure and stability to the bookcase. Even the rear panel has to follow the curves to fit properly.

Have fun with this project. Please submit photos of your finished project for the website so everyone can see your craftsmanship.

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Bookcase PDF

Curved Bookcase Sketchup File #S-053 $4.95

Sketchup Drawing

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Bookcase Bundle

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