Dead Blow Mallet #008


This dead blow mallet is a fun, useful project that I use on basically every project. Anything I build for the shop is designed and built like it’s going to a customer so the mallet was no exception.

This little persuader was made with Maple and Paduk just to make it stand out in a crowd. It is filled with lead pellets, in my case I used BB’s to give it the weight required to function properly. The head on the mallet has a leather face added to protect whatever needs to be adjusted. If you build this dead blow hammer you won’t be disappointed, I’m sure it will come in very handy for the majority of your projects.

Mallet PDF Plan #008      Only $ 4.95

Mallet PDF

Mallet Sketchup Plan # S-008        Only $5.95

Sketchup Drawing

PDF & Sketchup Bundle #PDSU-008 > Save 30% $ 7.63

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Mallet Bundle

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