Double Flip-Top Workstation #162

Double Flip-topDouble Flip-top Workstation

I designed and made this double flip-top workstation for a couple of pieces of machinery that I use, but not often. It just makes a convenient way to store the equipment and saved some floor space at the same time.

This particular project was designed for the machines that I wanted to mount on it. You can easily adapt the sizes of all components to suit your needs. For example your drawer (optional) may be larger if your equipment allows for more space. Mind you the drawer is handy for storing related accessories.

The other optional component are the castors. If the stand doesn’t need to be mobile than you could make your sides higher which will provide a larger area for your equipment.

The construction is very basic yet very sturdy as the sides and flip-top are doubled up. The ¼” molding is also optional and does nothing but hide the plywood edges and the seam where the sides are laminated together. There is no complicated joinery, the majority of the parts are held together with screws and the threaded rod provides the strength in he upper half.

The flip-top latches in two locations, both located in the front. However there are latches on all four corners to secure the top in place in either position.

Either way you flip it I’m sure everyone has a use for this dual purpose workstation.

Flip-Top PDF Plan # 162  …………… Just $2.95 Flip-Top PDF

Flip-Top Sketchup Drawing # S-162  … $3.95 Sketchup Drawing

Both Files (Bundle) #PDSU-162  Save 30% …… $4.83 Flip-Top Bundle






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