Edge Banding Trim Jig #002

Edge Banding Trim JIG

Edge Banding Trim Jig

For anyone that uses sheet goods for their projects this Edge Banding Trim Jig solves the issue of cleaning up the real wood edge banding that you apply to cover the plywood edges. If you have ever tried to flush the edge banding with a hand plane or even freehand with a router you’ll know how easily you can nick the plywood causing an imperfection that is very hard to repair properly. This simple edge banding trim jig helps eliminate that issue.  The main component of the jig is the fence; with a rabbet along the bottom edge, the rest of the parts to the jig have to be adjusted to fit your particular router table. You will be glad you constructed this flush trim jig when the need arises.

PDF Jig Plan #002  only $2.95


 Trim Jig Sketchup file only # S-002 $3.95

Sketchup Drawing

PDF & Sketchup Trim Jig Bundle #PDSU-002 >> Save 30% $4.83

Trim Jig Bundle

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