Flip-Top Workstation #101

Space Saving Mobile Workstation


01 Flip Top Shop Cart

Flip-Top Workstation

Everyone is trying to conserve space in their shop no matter what the size. This space saving Flip-Top workstation will cut down you bench-top machine footprint considerably plus keep your machines easily accessible. The cart is easy to use and inexpensive to build. A great addition for any shop!

I saw a similar cart in an on-line article and felt their design wasn’t strong enough to support your valuable shop equipment the way it should be. The Flip-Top workstation is constructed using construction grade materials both for strength and to keep the cost reasonable. I have designed the bracing so it would provide lass racking and the top is a torsion box design so it will stay flat. The top of the Flip-Top cart pivots on ½” bolts and is secured in place with simple sliding latches. The legs are also bolted and screwed for extra strength. I also doubled up the top layers so you have lots of material to anchor your equipment. If you keep the weight close to equal on both sides of the top it will act as a counterbalance when you are rotating the top to switch machines.  

Flip-Top PDF Plan #101 ………….. Just $5.95

Flip-Top PDF

Flip-Top Sketchup File # S-101 …. Only $6.95

Sketchup File

Buy BOTH files for the Flip-Top Workstation and save 30% Plan #PDSU-101 ….. Bundle Only $9.03

Flip-Top Bundle

Workstation saves space – makes work easier

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