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108 Folding Dining Table

The folding table is designed for people on the go. Very basic woodworking skills are required to create this handy project. There are only 14 unique pieces in the total build and they are pre-assembled during the construction process so whether you are arriving or leaving setup will just take a few minutes. My estimation would be about five minutes to setup or take down. Open your case, remove your leg assemblies, lock the top into place, insert the six legs and flip the table over. Done!

Exploded View

The tolerances on the individual parts are very tight and may need to be adjusted slightly in case the wood moves due to changes in humidity which is just a natural characteristic of any wood. You will have to be the judge on the amount of variance as it changes region to region.

A basic design for a folding table but should be great for transporting from one event to the next or for easy storage when you back at home. When the table is folded up it is self contained and even has a handle for carrying.

Have Fun … Happy Camping

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