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084 Foosball Table: Great Family Fun!

Tabletop or Free Standing 26″ x 48″ Foosball Table

Foosball Table

02 Foosball Table

This Foosball ball table started out as an item on my wish list for the family. I felt the table would make great entertainment when the families got together for any occasion.

I looked on line for any information I could find on Foosball and discovered there where as many variations as there were responses to the search engine.

I wanted a design a Foosball game that was convertible from a free standing table to a tabletop model. It also had to have the creature comforts like a ball return and a place to set you favorite beverage while you beat your opponent or worse lost your bragging rights. J

The table for Foosball is from what I discovered to be regulation size 25 ¾” x 48” and stands 32” from the floor to the player handles. I thought if I could remove the leg assembly easily the table could be lowered to a coffee table or the floor so the grand children or younger kids could play as well.

The players are easy to make however I’m sure you could buy them and the game ball from a craft/ game store. I also found bicycle hand grips fit the ¾” dowel perfectly and usually come in a variety of colors.

Enjoy family entertainment center!

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