Golf Ball Display Case (49) #068

Golf Ball on Tee Display

 Golf Ball Display

This golf ball display case is somewhat unique in that the golf balls all sit on Tees within the case.

This particular display case holds 49 golf balls however it is easily adapted to hold more or less depending on your collection size.

Joinery is what sets this case apart from other versions. The case itself is joined with dovetails and the door assembly uses a stepped saddle joint.

I found that tees vary in size and length in each package. Just drill your holes accordingly. I had to cut off the bottoms of the tees that protruded through the shelves to make them a uniform height. As long as they sit approximately ¾ – 1” above the shelf they will work fine. You may also want to put a dab of hot glue on each tee to stabilize the golf balls and keep the logo facing out.

Also, I didn’t show any kind of door closing mechanism. In the past I have used magnets or a small brass hook and latch assembly.

This golf ball display is a fun project that will be appreciated by any golfer.

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Display 49 PDF

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