BBQ (Grill) Cart #003

Grill Cart

Grill Cart

Who doesn’t need a BBQ grill cart? You can have all of your condiments in one place. A built in cutting board and storage for all of your supplies. How great is that? Constructed using cedar which is perfect for outdoor projects. The grill cart also has a handle, towel rack and wheels so you can easily move it around or closer to you BBQ, The cutting board lifts out so it can be easily cleaned and the slats a spaced out enough that water won’t lay on your new cart. The assembly is easy to put together so you can start enjoying your BBQ cart even sooner.

 BBQ Cart PDF Plan #003 $4.95    

Cart PDF

BBQ Cart Sketchup File #S-003 $5.95

Sketchup File

PDF & Sketchup BBQ Cart Bundle > Save 30%  Just $7.63

Cart Bundle

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