Groovy Toy Box # 007

Groovy Toy Box PlanGroovy Toy Box Plan

Cut the clutter in your family room with this solid tongue and groovy toy box plan. With the exception of the top and bottom few inches this toy box could be left unglued. Because all of the pieces interlock you could adjust the size of the toy box by adding or removing slats pieces as your needs expand or shrink.

The slats are all beveled tongue and groove joints (hence the GROOVY) that lock together for for strength and appearance. The lid attaches with a strip of piano hinge. You definitely should add the soft closures to the lid so there are no pinched fingers as they get their favorite toys out. I constructed the toy box out of pine, however just about any material will work.

There are several pieces to this toy box plan but only about 10 machine setups as most of the pieces are identical. As the plan shows all of the pieces lock together like a log cabin.

I have shown the toy box plan with some wild colors; of course you can finish your toy box is your taste.

This toy box is a fun project to build and will help keep the toys where they belong when not in use. hopefully! The letters on the front are optional. They could be a name or left off completely the choice is yours.

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Groovy Sketchup

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