High Boy Dresser #010


The High Boy Dresser – With 3 Secret Drawers

This high-boy-dresser was built as part of a four piece bedroom suite, that I designed and built for my nephew.

The high boy was built with 3 secret (hidden) drawers to store those special documents or that stash of cash that you can’t hide under the new style mattress that we have today.

Basically constructed using red oak with Paduk highlights in the drawer pulls and added as decoration in the corners of the top. Any hardwood could be used for construction this determined by your needs. I used poplar as a secondary wood for internal frame construction and the drawer components.

Rather than use conventional drawer pulls which you certainly could do I made a recess in the false fronts and inlaid a contrasting wood in the inner drawer front giving you a colorful background for your drawer pull.

The corner stiles lock together using full length dado and tenon arrangement for strength and durability for years to come. If you apply a 45 degree miter to the front corner the joint becomes nearly invisible.

The dresser in this bedroom suite, with recessed handles and secret drawers is a challenge to build however you will be pleased with the end result.

 Have Fun! That’s what woodworking should be all about.

Plan # 010  Only $ 5.95

High_Boy PDF

High Boy Sketchup File # S-010    Only $6.95 

Sketchup Drawing

PDF & Sketchup Dresser Bundle #PDSU-010 >>> Save 30% $9.03

Highboy Bundle

Enjoy your new dresser with its secret drawers!

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