Horizontal Router V2 #069

Horizontal Router Table Version 2

Looking for a simple, easy to build, and even easier to operate horizontal router table you have found it?

This version of the horizontal router table is very simple to construct using leftover materials in your shop. Cut two panels of Baltic birch plywood 16 x 16, a tabletop and a box for dust collection perform a little machining and you’re ready to start making your own mouldings, baseboards or anything that’s easier to mill on its flat. Keep in mind when using a horizontal router table the direction of feed is right to left unlike a conventional router table.

I would highly recommend you use feather boards and a bit guard when using any router mounted in a table. The feather boards will provide you with consistent cutting and the bit guard will remind you of a dangerous bit spinning at 1000’s of revolutions per minute. Having the T-track installed on the panel and the table make it easy to install any accessories that you will require and should use.

Simply clamp the table assembly in your vise set your height by moving the adjustable panel and you’re ready to rout.

Version 2 Horizontal Router Table Plan #069 Just  $3.95

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H Router V2 PDF

V2 Horizontal Router Table Sketchup File #S-069 Only  $ 4.95

Sketchup Drawing

PDF & Sketchup File Router Table V2 Combo #PDSU-069 Just $6.23

H Router Bundle

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