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037 Horizontal Router

Deluxe Horizontal Routing Table

This horizontal routing table project has been one of my most popular designs. Easy to build and even easier to use. It makes a great addition to any shop.

If you have purchased any type of molding or baseboard these days you will realize the value of this shop made horizontal router. Some profiles are a lot easier to cut with with your work-piece laying flat, rather than having to stand it up along a low fence. A horizontal router allows you do just that. This router table is simple to construct, the toughest part is aligning the components for the lift mechanism, however the plan makes this operation quite easy to complete. You will realize how easy this is to use and wish you had made it years ago.

Remember when using this router table the work piece is fed from right to left not left to right like a traditional router table, the use of feather boards will assist you greatly when using a horizontal router table.

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