Home Renovation Ideas: Make your home stunning!

 4 ideas to revamp your staircase

Having a specific stunning feature in your home can be a great unique selling point, add value to your home and impress guests and visitors. A great feature to focus on is the staircase. A well-created staircase can become a real focus point in your home and make the interior design bespoke.

You can make your home feel like your castle by adding a touch of style and individuality to your staircase. Any type of staircase straight, spiraled or turned can be revamped with staircase parts like staircase spindles and other features to improve the look and design. Here are 4 inspiring ideas to customize a staircase in your home.

  1. Staircase cladding

Stair cladding can give an oak staircase a complete makeover into a stylish staircase with a wow factor. It can transform the staircase without having to completely remove and reinstall a staircase fully.  You can create an effective look with different stair cladding systems that fit like veneer its easy and simple to create a popular oak wooden staircase.

The term cladding means to cover an existing structure with a different material. Oak is extremely fashionable to have in your interior design right now and you can turn any type of staircase into oak with cladding. Add in oak staircase spindles and it completes the tasteful look.  Get your very own oak staircase you have always dreamed of, without the cost.

  1. Staircase storage


     We all know what it’s like to not have enough storage. Tripping over things in the hallway and shoving things behind the sofa out of the way. Constantly tripping over your shoes and having to dump coats on the floor is not ideal. So why not transform your staircase into storage by adding in drawers or cupboards. You could add a drawer under each step in a horizontal way which slide out sideways from the space under the stairs. There are loads of different ways to create storage under your stairs and you can really never have too much storage space. So why not turn wasted space into useful space and custom build something that makes the most of your space.

  1. Add in some glass


Adding in some glass to a staircase is a great way to modernize your home. Glass is a really stylish way to create a contemporary feel to any interior design. From side panels to spindles and risers, even just the smallest glass staircase parts can have a really effective look.  Any style that fits in with your home design works, whether that’s colored glass or a cracked effect.


Glass can create a brighter and larger looking area allowing more light to enter and the area ends up feeling more spacious as a result. You can mix glass and oak for a really fresh and appealing looking staircase.

  1. Create a floating design

Floating staircases are another modern and popular design to add into your home. A floating staircase is subtle yet stylish and the look of them truly does have something special about it. The treads of the staircase are fixed to the wall without any stringers visible, which gives it the appearance it is floating. A sleek oak floating staircase is a real eye-catching look, it will attract attention and really center piece your home.

There are lots of staircase design ideas that can create a whole new look for your home. So whether you’re going for modern and sleek or traditional and conventional, get revamping your staircase and make a statement with your interior design and give it that all important individuality.


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