#071 3 IN 1 Planing Jig

planing3 IN 1 Planing Jig


For years now I have made and used three separate jigs when using a hand plane. By combining all three into one I have now saved valuable wall space (where I hang my jigs) and the convenience of having all three planing jigs available in one place.

The first part of the jig is a normal bench hook which is an invaluable tool in any shop, simply hook it over the edge of your bench and plane and cut to your heart’s content.

The second part of the jig was the edition of the sub base which in essence turns the bench hook into a shooting board.

The shooting board is used to trim end grain, square the end of a board, fine tune a tenon, or create a chamfer – just about any job that requires your workpiece to be held quickly and securely without having to clamp it down.

Finally by adding the removable mitre fence you can shoot your delicate mitres accurately and efficiently on the planing jig.

This jig is a very basic woodworking tool but a must for anyone that does even the smallest amount of hand work in the shop.

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