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John K’s Billiard Chair

 John sent me these pictures of the billiard chair he built using plan #059 as a starting point. John made a few changes that  he felt worked better with this piece and suited his particular needs better. I don’t think I have ever build a project from a plan that  I haven’t modified (sometimes unintentional) but usually because I thought it would work better my way.


Here’s what John had to say about the build!  

“Bruce, attached is a picture of one of the three chairs I constructed.  I used your overall plan  measurements and mortising/tendon dimensions 100% and they worked out perfectly.  The following are changes that I made and some additional comments about the overall  chair”

billiard chair

After sitting in the finished chair I noticed that the arm rests need to be about 3” higher. The back rest needs to be about 4-6” higher for the chair to be really comfortable; however, it is great for its intended purpose.

  1. The arm rest dimensions from your drawing looked out of proportion to the  rest of the chair.  I slimmed them down and then tapered.  I cut the front at 45 degrees and did not go around the back of the rear leg but made them flush with the back.
  2. I made larger spindles and only three; easier for me.
  3. I did not us the faux tendons, too much time; however, yours did look really good.
  4. I kept the rear legs full size which was easier for me to construct.
  5. I redesigned the armrest and foot rest supports; again, easier for me.
  6. I made the foot rest supports larger and attached them to the stretcher for additional support.
  7. I made the side seat supports with 3/4” stock.  I did not see the need for 1/2” stock.

Great project.  Everyone that sees them thinks they are wonderful.  Thanks, John.

John the chairs look great, thank so much for sending the feedback.



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