Kevin’s Checker Board Table

Kevin P submitted these photos of a checker table he created from reclaimed material he had laying around.

Cool! Here’s Kevin’s story about the checker board table project …

I was recently challenged to build a piece of furniture that looked good, was useful and I could not spend no money on it, I had some scraps in my shop, I had some pickets from a cedar fence that was tore down, some pieces of 2 x 4’s and some plywood, I did not have enough cedar to make a top out of so I had to figure out how to make a top out of plywood, which to me is great for roofing and stuff like that but not for a table top, I did not want to paint the table as cedar is a beautiful wood and to cover it with paint would be a crime, I think I figured out the solution to the problem  I had plenty of oil bases enamels in the shop and lots of tape, the legs are made of the pickets glued up and tapered on two sides, the stretchers are also cedar and I wrapped the top in cedar as well to hide the plywood ends, I put 3 coats of polyurethane over the whole table as this will be on display on my front porch right where a checkers should be played, the checkers I cut out of pieces of 2 x 4’s I had laying around, I took the bit out of a hole saw and used it in my drill press, I drilled 1 inch deep then run the pieces though my table saw, that way after sanding I ended up with checkers less than 1 inch thick, 2 and 3/4 round with no hole in the center, I found a design on the Internet and printed them off on labels, cut it out and stuck them on after the paint dried, it may not be perfect but it ended up costing me nothing but time to build and was a lot of fun to make plus it did save some pieces of wood from the burn barrel.

Kevin P April 27 2014   Table 2                 Table 3

Dark CheckersLight Checkers


Checker Grapics

Close up














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