Kid’s Kitchen Booster #116

Kitchen Helper Platform

Kids Kitchen Booster

Children like to help mom or dad in the kitchen now you can keep them safe and secure instead of standing on a chair with the Kids Kitchen Booster.

The helper stands 36” high so it is in line with most kitchen counter tops. The platform that they stand on is adjustable to three different positions so depending on the size of your little assistant you can make it work.
The front rungs (stretchers) are used as a ladder so the children can climb on to the platform.

One of the best features about this Kid’s project is its ability to collapse to a thickness of 8 9/16” for easy storage when not in use.

I designed the booster so it will fit up tight to the counter, even the flared feet which I added for stability will fit under the toe-kick on most kitchen cabinetry.

The project is very simple to build and consists of only eight different pieces. The mortise and tenon joinery makes the helper rock solid and will last for years. As far as materials just about anything will work. I would likely suggest a hardwood just for strength, however if you are concerned about weight or are trying to keep the costs down a softwood will work just fine. One thing I would consider adding would be the plastic edging on the collapsible sides just as an extra level of security.

Helping to keep your children safe in the kitchen ….. Happy woodworking!


Booster PDF Plan #116 …………… Only $5.95

Helper PDF

Helper Sketchup File #S-116 ……… Only $6.95


Bundle both and save 30%

KKH Combo #PDSU-116 ………. Just $9.03

Helper Bundle








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