Knock-Down Gothic Bench #103


Knock-down Bench

Easy to Transport

Medieval Gothic Style

Knock-Down Bench Plan


Medieval furniture can demand a lot of skill and workmanship however being in a knock-down style makes it great for transporting. Some medieval furniture does not work well in a Society environment where the participants must pack all of their goods in vehicles before and after an event.

However some medieval seating was quite simple and easy to build. The decorative support rails (stretchers) are certainly required for stability however the decorative edges are just a matter of choice.

This style of this knock-down bench appeared through the fifteenth and sixteenth century paintings and illustration. You could use any material to construct this bench but I would suggest a hardwood for strength. Also keep in mind grain direction, be sure that any stress areas have the wood grain running in the strongest direction. Because of the bench design this shouldn’t be a concern as the grain should be running the correct direction naturally.

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Sketchup File

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Enjoy your new Knock-Down Bench

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