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115 Knock Down Queen Bed

Knock Down Queen Size Bed

Updated & Revised October 2019

As an alternative to all of the Bed-In-A-Box plans I thought I would draw up a plan that is not as complex and is less expensive to build than the fold up versions.

This knock down queen size bed can be built using standard home center materials, namely 2 x 4’s and 5/4 decking boards. This bed will disassemble into 4 main pieces plus the slat boards. The construction lumber should be flattened and smoothed down to the sizes shown.

Exploded View

All of the components are locked together using tusk tenon joinery for strength and easy assembly and dis-assembly. There are no complicated dovetails to machine just straight slats and a series of dados in the slat support rails. I would suggest you use an inexpensive hardwood like poplar for the slats and slat supports. The rails would likely be made from Pine but Spruce or Douglas fir would work just fine to keep the cost even lower. The headboard and foot-board panels are just ¼” plywood to keep the weight down for easy transporting. For the tusks or locking pegs I would suggest using a hardwood for strength. The headboard and foot-board assemblies connect to the legs with pinned mortise and tenon joinery to stop any racking.

I hope at least a few of you find this style of bed as a useful alternative to the Bed-In-A-Box. This plan is easily adjusted for other bed sizes.

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Happy Woodworking Have fun!


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