Magazine Rack #024

Magazine or Bookcase Rack

Bookcase or Magazine Rack

This wall hung magazine rack or child’s bookcase is a very stylish way to display your favorite magazines or a small child books and their favorite toys

The case is easily modified to accommodate whatever you would like to display. For the projects I have build they are all being used to store the child’s favorite books and toys.

This case will look great whether build from hardwood or softwood. It really is a personal choice.

I have made three of these racks for the same customer, every new grandchild gets the same gift. All things must be equal 🙂 which is good for me! The one issue I have run into is getting dowel that is actually straight. Just sort carefully when you are at the hardware store.

Bookcase/ Rack PDF Plan # 024 $4.95

Mag-Rack PDF

Bookcase/  Rack Sketchup File #S-024 $5.95

Sketchup Drawing

PDF & Sketchup Bookcase/ Rack Bundle #PDSU-024 >>> Save 30% $7.63

Mag-Book Bundle

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