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Making A Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock Holder

I realize that making and using a scratch stock to shape a special profile is not new as a matter of fact it’s been around a lot longer than I have (and that’s quite a while) but this week was the first time I have had the need for such a tool.Table Mechanism

I’m currently repairing and refurbishing an old six foot dinning table that collapses in on itself to become a 20″ wide side table. The mechanism under the table is a series of short sliding dovetailed rails that fold in on each other allowing you to expand and contract the table. I was very impressed that someone came up with this idea more than 80 years ago.

The table was missing all of the leaves for the extension, which is no problem. However I could not match the profile on the top edge with any of the router bits and molding heads that I have. so I made a profile on a piece of old card stock and then designed a holder for the blade.

If you have any need for a specialty tool you can download the PDF file Scratch Stock    IT’S FREE 🙂

There will be a plan available for this cleverly designed dining table in the very near future



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