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042 Mission Bed: Designed for a queen size mattress

The Mission Style Bed

A sturdy well-constructed queen size bed built in a mission style and designed for today’s thick pillow top mattresses.

Mission Bed

Mortise and tenon joinery and the addition of hidden ⅜” hex head bolts and nuts make this bed sturdy and rack free. The mattress slats are designed as free floating however that can be attached if you desire. Some people attach two or three slats just for stability.

The tenon caps in each leg give the appearance of a through tenon, but actually they are faux plugs hiding the securing hex bolts underneath.

Constructed using hardwood however a softwood would work just as well. I would still recommend hardwood for the bed slats.

The bed is designed to hold a  queen size mattress, however by adding or subtracting a few inches to the rail components the bed can be adapted to a single, double or king size easily.

Enjoy this functional project and a good night’s sleep.

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