Modern Table #026

Modern TableModern Table

Looking for a stylish modern coffee table, you have found the right plan. The legs appear interwoven and the top looks to be floating, how cool is that? Be prepared to make lots of small mortise and tenons and a couple of half lap joints just to add to the confusion. When you have all of the pieces cut and shaped you may be confused, but it really is just a large puzzle, match your joinery and put it together in sub assemblies. It will work out fine and you will be very pleased with the results. The table was constructed using contrasting woods, maple for the base and lacewood for the top; however that was just our preference yours can be whatever you desire.

Table PDF Plan #026 ……. $ 5.95

Mod_Table PDF

Modern Table Sketchup File # S-026 $ 6.95

Mod_Table Sketchup

PDF & Sketchup Bundle #PDSU-026 >>> Save 30% $ 9.03

Mod_Table Bundle

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