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017 Morris Chair

The Morris Chair

A Morris chair is an early type of reclining chair. The design was adapted by William Morris’s firm, Morris & Company from a prototype owned by Ephraim Colman in rural Sussex, England. It was first marketed around 1866. The design features a seat with a reclining back and moderately high armrests, which give the chair an old-style appearance. The characteristic feature of a Morris chair is a hinged back, set between two un-upholstered arms, with the reclining angle adjusted through a row of pegs, holes or notches in each arm.

I have simplified this plan to aid in construction. Some of the usual angles and curved arms have been replaced with simplified versions.

Same appearance and comfort and to me that is the important stuff. Plus you get to try your hand at upholstery, making the removeable seat and back cushions.

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Have fun!

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