Mortising Jig #062

Mortising Jig

The Mortising Jig

This mortising jig was originally designed by a friend and local woodworker John Nephew. It has always been affectionately referred to as “John’s Jig” and has been built and used by the majority of the woodworking night school class students for the past eight years.

We have made a few minor changes over the years and are very satisfied with the end results. It is a very practical tool that make mortising with a hand held router easy and quick. Simple to build, easy to setup and even easier to use, it is one jig that you will be glad you built for your shop.

The workpiece stop blocks (shown in Paduk) are easy to remove for longer boards, but very handy when you want to make end mortises for loose tenon joinery.

Have fun building and using your new jig.

Jig PDF Only Plan #062 … Only $3.95

Mortise_Jig PDF

Sketchup File only # S-062      Mortising Jig  $4.95

Mortise_Jig Sketchup

Both files PDF & Sketchup # PDSU-062   $6.23

Mortise_Jig Bundle

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