Mortising Jig #100


Mortising Jig


The Mortising Jig

This mortising jig is the easiest way to create mortises in the ends or sides of rails and stiles. The jig was designed to make use of shop-made floating (loose) tenon joinery.

When mounted on your workbench it provides a stable accurate platform to rout your mortises on the ends of your rails for the floating tenons. Turn the jig around and now you can clamp your workpiece horizontally and you are mortising the rest of your cross rails.

The jig is designed to work with a handheld router and your guide fence, making accurate mortises every time. 

Made to work with shopmade tenons, just roundover the appropriate width and thickness of material cut them to the required length and you have inexpensive floating tenons for strong M&T Joints.

NOTE: Fine Woodworking tested the strength of standard integral tenons and loose tenon joinery and found no difference in strength. Enjoy your new practical mortising jig!

Jig Plan PDF #100 ……… $3.95

Mortise Jig PDF

Jig Sketchup File #S-100 ….. $4.95

Sketchup File Purchase Both Jig Files Combined … Save 30%

Jig Bundle #PDSU-100  …. Just $6.23

Mortising Bundle

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