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134 Outdoor Table Set

I saw a piece of furniture that was a similar design to this project. It was designed for interior use but I thought with a few modifications it would make a great patio set. I like the simple clean look of the table and because the top is an open slat design it would be ideal for an outdoor living space.

As there are multiple pieces that are the same it is an easy table set to build. If you batch out your pieces you could easily build this in a weekend. I would suggest an outdoor wood like cedar or western redwood for a material because of its ability to stand up to the elements.

Because the base is tapered there will be a certain amount of challenge, but I would suggest you don’t get too hung up on precise angles. I have included all of the angles however I would just cut your pieces to the overall length and them use relative (physically lay it out) dimensions to find the correct angles.

It will be a fun build and the results will look great. It will generate lots of kind comments from family and friends. Enjoy!

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