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154 Round Outdoor Patio Set

Patio Set

This patio set has a 48” diameter table with matching curved seating. It will easily accommodate 6 adults with room to spare.

If you are not using an umbrella you may want to mount a Lazy Susan in the center for all of your condiments or assorted foods.

The table may be drilled if applicable for a 1 ½” umbrella pole. There is a secondary alignment hole in the support brace on the underside of the table. The hollow center post will support the bottom portion of a 1 1/2″ pole. If you have own umbrella with a weighted base just shorten the center post to leave room for the umbrella base.

The top is shown as a circle however the outer boards start as octagons and you may prefer that look. The circular shape is cut after the table has been assembled, so you have plenty of time to make that decision.

The rings in the table and benches are joined with glue and pocket screws on the underside.  You may want to counter-bore the holes in the benches and and plug the holes with dowel plugs for an even cleaner appearance.

This patio set should be built using an exterior wood like cedar or redwood for many years of service.

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