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109 Collapsible Picnic Table

Picnic Table & Benches

This picnic table is not you typical backyard version. This model disassembles for easy storage and transportation.

The whole concept behind this table set was portability and cost. The components come apart easily and pack up into a small bundle for easy space saving transportation. All of the parts fit together like an easy puzzle. Yet you will have a great dining experience at your next encampment.

Collapses to less than one foot high

Everything in the table set is built using construction grade materials and designed with a medieval look (at least in my mind) đŸ™‚

The legs and support structure is built using 2 x 4 material. The top of both the table and the benches is constructed using 5/4 decking boards. Even the leg braces on the benches is 5/4 decking. I did add breadboard ends firstly to dress up the appearance and secondly to keep the table top flat. There is sufficient room in the breadboard end to allow for any seasonal wood movement.

Should be a fun project and be a very useful at your outings.

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