Pivot-Top Coffee Table #145

Pivot-Top Table

Pivot-Top Coffee Table

This is an easy to build table that is assembled with glue and screws for the majority of the construction.

I recently saw a picture of a table with a lifting top similar to the one shown. I felt it would be a very useful design for anyone that likes to eat or work in front of their television. The table top raises approximately 8 ¼” above the original table height and about 12 ½” towards you when you are sitting on your sofa bringing it to a very comfortable position to work on. There is storage in a drawers mounted on both sides of the base unit as well as another compartment under the top. I designed the drawers to operate on mechanical full extension slides however if you want a more traditional look you can create your own wood on wood slides (just don’t forget to add ½” per side). I also drew the base unit with dovetails for strength and good looks however box (finger) joints would look great as well and be just as strong. There are castors mounted on the bottom so you can roll the table towards you but these are optional. If you decide to use the castors take into consideration your flooring. If your floor is hardwood then a ¼” of exposed castor will work, if you are on a plush piled carpet you should like increase the castor projection to ½”. The 2 ½” upper molding and 3 ½” base molding hide all of the assembly screws and of course add a beautiful accent to your project.

Have fun with your new coffee table with its pivoting top.

Table PDF Only Plan # 145 ………………… $8.95

Pivot-Top PDF

Table Sketchup Drawing # S-145 ……….. $9.95

Table (Sketchup)  

  • or Save 30% by purchasing both files bundled together



Table Bundle # PDSU-145 ………………… $13.23

Pivot-Top Bundle

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