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054 Podium: Presentation Podium

Speaker’s Podium

This program came about from a recent seminar I was attending. The presenter was standing behind a metal frame podium that you knew came from big box office supply store.

I thought a nice handmade wooden presentation cabinet would add a touch of class to any presentation. While the speaker was droning on I was sketching which helped pass the time nicely. It was better than dozing off which is really rude 🙂

I thought it would have to be a medium height to fit a variety of speakers with the capability for wiring for a laptop or I-Pad. The cabinet has three storage areas facing the rear, in addition I would add a power outlet within the cabinet to handle any accessories that the presenter may require. In my case I mounted a Maltese cross on the front as it will be used in the fire department training room the majority of the time.

The frame and panel construction not only looks good it will make it sturdy and should last for many years.

Have fun building your new podium … that’s what woodworking should be all about.
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