Pool Cue Storage Rack #061

pool cue storage rack

Pool Cue Storage Rack

“Every set of balls requires a good rack”

This plan compliments plan #059 (Billiards Chair). Any games room that has a pool table requires a pool cue and ball storage rack.

This pool cue rack has the capability of holding 10 of your favourite cues, plus 32 pool balls. By storing your cues in a vertical position there will be no chance of the warping from being left leaning against a wall.

There are also two built in drawers to store chalk, and other accessories for different games. In addition to the storage this rack offers it also has a built in chalk board (which you make) and a sliding scoreboard which you can pick up at any retailer that sells pool tables.

I made mine out of walnut mainly because it suited the room, any material will work. I would likely stay away from softwoods

The whole pool cue rack hangs securely on a French cleat wall hanging system.

Pool Ball Rack PDF Plan #061 …. Just $4.95

Pool_Cue PDF

Pool Cue Storage Sketchup File  #S-061 Just $5.95 


Pool Cue Storage Pdf & Sketchup File  #PDSU-061 Only $7.63

Cue_Ball_Rack Bundle

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