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149 Queen Size Folding Bed V2

Queen Size Folding Bed V2

Revised & Updated March 2019

The new style queen size bed in a box has eliminated several of the concerns some folks had with the original queen bed. It folds on the ends rather than the sides.

Folds along length

The joiner boards on the side rails have been removed and the number of dovetails on the bed slats, in the original plan, have been reduced to a total of four.

The original plan called for the bed to collapse across its width now it folds along the head to foot. Four of the strap hinges have been replaced with a single continuous (piano) hinge making this design easier and less expensive to build.

The two piece top (lid) and the removable locking handles store inside the bed when in use and then drop into place when the bed is being stored away in it box state.

Overall these design changes make the queen size bed in a box even more convenient to use and store and much simpler modify to a variety of sizes. If you would still prefer the original queen bed you can access that plan #111 HERE

Enjoy your time in the shop ….. Happy Woodworking

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