Queen Size Bed

Original Queen Size Folding Bed #111

Queen Size Bed


Queen Size Folding Bed

VERSION – II Now Available …… Plan # 149

After several requests from interested visitors to the site and previous clients I have finally completed the plan for the Queen size Bed-In-A-Box. Very similar in design to the double sized bed with the removable middle side rail which then collapse in on itself for transporting. It amazes me how a few inches added or subtracted changes so many components within a project. I have also addressed an issue that dealt with how to secure the headboard / box lid when it is the bed condition. It is important to note that all of the hinges have to be mounted offset by ¾” in order to allow the parts to close over top or adjacent to each other.  In addition I have added a detachable carrying handle, which can be stored on the storage shelf inside the frame when assembled into a bed. For anyone that has the double bed plan the other major change is the slats, there are now two wider slats to make up the extra length of the queen size bed. Happy Woodworking!
You may be interested in a new version of this bed that folds along the opposite axis. #149

Queen Size Folding Bed PDF Plan #111 …….. Only $8.95

Queen PDF

Sketchup File Only #S-111 ……………… Just $9.95

Sketchup ONLY

Bundle & Save 30 %


PDF and Sketchup File Combo #PDSU-111              Just $13.23

Queen Bundle
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3 thoughts on “Original Queen Size Folding Bed #111”

  1. Greetings, I make and sell SCA furniture in California and I was wondering if I could make this bed for sale. I would give you credit for the concept and share the link to your plans to all who wished to build it themselves. Let me know if we can make a deal.

    1. Hi
      I have no issue at all with you building and selling the finished products. If I lived in a more of a camping climate I would likely do the same thing myself. Having only 3 months of summer and not being directly involved in the SCA group it is a little difficult for me. I appreciate you asking and I would definitely be pleased for any referrals to the site. Bruce

  2. I am just wondering if anyone has how much this weighs after they have built it. Trying to decide between the queen and the double.

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