Round Table #063



Round Table #063


This round table is an advanced project with a challenging twist. As a bonus I have included a plan for making the bandsaw circle jig in case you require that method to cut your top and shelf.

The top and bottom shelf are quite easy to build using the enclosed bandsaw circle jig. The top has a ¼” roundover on both the upper and lower edges.

The legs are shaped from a single piece of 1” x 3 ¼” x 26” of your preferred material. Be sure to cut your dado for the lower shelf prior to cutting any of the curves (See page 5) for details. I have enclosed a template to assist you with the curve layout or you can design your own using the measurements provided.

The curved aprons are the most complicated part of the build. With careful layout you will have no issue forming the continuous curve that make up the aprons. I have provided a template that should help with this part of the construction. Calculating the proper angles can be a challenge.

Enjoy your new table

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