Tablesaw Kickback

(Very Important Safety Message)

Reprint from Fine Homebuilding


Twenty five years ago, I was a young, self-employed carpenter. I was also an idiot who didn’t always consider the potential consequences of how I was doing the task at hand. One sweaty summer day, I was building cabinets in my shop and I experienced a tablesaw kickback that dragged three fingers through the spinning blade. I was lucky, or I got a good hand surgeon, or both. Although each of those fingers is short some bone, they’re all fully functional, if a little ugly up close.
Anyone who’s experienced a similar event will tell you that it happened unbelievably quickly. You simply can’t react fast enough to save yourself when using a power tool goes south. But don’t believe me. Watch the video below. (Don’t worry – Even though it will make you cringe, it’s not a bloodbath.)

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