Exact Width Dado Jig


Exact Width Dado Jig

This exact width dado jig is very similar to the one that Marc Spagnola of TheWoodWhisper.com built during a recent Guild Build. Marc posted a video on U-tube showing the construction of the jig so I’m using a similar version of the jig as a sample plan so everyone can get an idea what my plans look like from the inside. My actual plans are even more detailed and usually range from 10 – 20 pages in length.

If you ever use sheet goods for shelves mounted in dados in your case sides you will appreciate the accuracy you can get using this exact width dado jig. This jig is designed to dado boards up to 24” in width. Simply clamp the jig and workpiece to a work surface, set your fixed fence on the line for your dado insert the actual shelf, snug the moveable fence up to your shelf and lock it down. Now using your router with a guide bushing and spiral or straight bit (smaller than your dado) rout along the fixed fence and return on the adjustable fence….. and presto perfect dados.


Jig Plan (Free)     Exact Width Dado Jig Plan

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