Shoe Storage #160

shoe storage

Shoe Trays (2 Units)

A friend who comes to my shop every Thursday night was in need of a project for this season. We have decided on this shoe storage cabinet as both Colleen and her husband seem to have a tremendous amount of shoes.

So this shoe storage container came to be.

The project is actually two storage units that sit side by side. The units are his and hers or maybe hers and hers I’m not sure. The dimensions (easily adjusted) had to fit under a window in their entrance (mud) room. These dimensions work well for Colleen however you may want to adjust the sizes to suit your needs.

Each tray area should hold four to six various pairs of shoes depending on the style.

The project is made using veneer core plywood for all of the case parts. The tray will be constructed using Maple and all of the plywood edges will be cover is a shop made maple edge banding.

If you wish you can trim the front frame in a contrasting hardwood. It will certainly dress the piece up nicely.

I will attempt to post progress pictures as the build is completed …



Shoe Storage PDF Plan #160 ………………… $8.95 US

Shoe Storage PDF

Sketchup File #S-160 …………………………… $9.95 US

Sketchup Drwg

Bundled Plans #PDSU-160 Save 30% ……. $13.23 US

Cabinet Bundle







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