Stand-Alone Bar #060

Stand-Alone Bar

Free Standing Bar

This free standing fixture, which is at regular counter height on the rear side and bar height at the front came about as a request from my neighbor. The unit is five foot in length and was designed to house their existing mini fridge in the rear. This particular project was constructed using red oak and oak veneer plywood, however just about any material will work. On the working side there are a set of three drawers, a cupboard with shelves and an open area for a mini fridge just for convenience.

The decorative frames on the front and ends break up the solid wood structure plus they add a unique appearance. My neighbors actually painted inside the frame space the same color as their walls to tie the bar into the room.

The counter and top were purchased separately and were made out of corion for looks and durability.

This is a major project and will test your woodworking skills. The 5 degree slope on the front adds a level of difficulty not found in the majority of furniture builds.

Have fun!

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Bar Bundle

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