Standard King Folding Bed #150


King Bed in a Box

Standard King Size Folding Bed

(Mattress Size 76″ x 80″ 193 x202 cm)

Since the first Bed in a Box plan that was created back in 2013 with permission of the originator Robert MacPherson I have been asked for a standard king sized bed. However until now I couldn’t figure out how to have that size of bed fold-up and store all of the components inside so I could call it a Bed in a Box.

While working on some newer models like the twin, double and queen beds I have figured away to maintain a similar design and still have the bed collapse with all of the elements stored inside. As it happens it turned out all I had to do was make the bed fold in the opposite direction

The beds are meant to be built using pine in order to keep the cost and carrying weight lower. If you are not building the beds with transportation in mind you could use any material for example poplar if you are budget conscious or any other domestic or exotic hardwood.

Because the king beds are so wide I have added removable feet under the support beams in the middle of the bed. The other big advantage to the new design is that it uses less strap hinges for the conversion. In addition the number of dovetails that have to be cut has been decreased considerably without compromising strength.

For those that have been waiting for this size of bed, I hope you enjoy your new standard king sized bed.

Happy woodworking!

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