Step Stool #032

Step StoolFolding Step Stool

A useful project for your home or workshop. It not only makes a great little step stools it doubles as extra seating when required, especially in the shop. I found the original stool plan was too narrow and unstable so I modified the original to be stronger and safer. I widened the stance and added material to the feet to make the stool more stable. The Steps flip up out of the way when no in use or when you’re using it as a seat.

Stool PDF #032 ….. $3.95

Step Stool PDF

Stool Sketchup File #S-032    $4.95

Stool Sketchup File

PDF & Sketchup Stool Bundle #PDSU-032 << Save 30% >>   $ 6.23

Stool Bundle

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