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110 Strong Box: Security Concerns?

 Keep your Valuables Safe

A Strong Box with a Secret

A basic build project with security in mind! Now you might ask what’s to keep someone from just taking the whole box and all of its contents.

Easily solved by securing it to a larger furniture piece in your campsite. It could be held down with screws from the inside to a table or whatever, meaning the perpetrator would have to drag a large piece of furniture away from your campsite which might be a little obvious.

Built to resemble an old Viking chest with simple lap joints, the strong box looks authentic and is quite practical for people on the move.

Inside you will find a hidden compartment for those special items that you want to keep out of site even if the lid is in the open. Acquiring authentic hardware will likely be you biggest challenge when constructing the Strong Box. I have shown the box with extra lid supports. These will only be required if the hinges and locking latch you use are wider than the main lid support. Keep in mind whatever hinges and latch assemblies you use will have to be bent slightly to conform to the curved top. I wanted the top to have a slight curve in case it is exposed to the elements so it will shed water. Another plus to having a curved top is that people don’t use it as a table so it will always be void of clutter to give you easy access.

The Strong Box could easily be built in a weekend for a minimal cost, yet provide you with another great storage area for personal belongings while you are at a camping event or gathering.

Enjoy your antique security system.

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