Swivel Clamp Storage #139


Clamp StorageSwivel Clamp Rack


Double the clamps …. half of the wall space!

Wall space is always at a premium in even the largest shops so the less room you have to occupy to accomplish your clamp storage issues the better.

This clamp rack is designed to be wall mounted, high enough to accommodate your longest bar or pipe clamp. The rack will hold 31 bar and pipe clamps and there is room on the end for an assortment of smaller clamps. The lower center cross brace could be used for even more storage. Of course all of the dimensions are variable to suit your needs. The design as shown would require approximately four feet of wall space to allow it to swivel for easy access, however since it is a double sided design it will hold twice as many clamps in the same space. The angled brace is a must have, like a fence gate you have to distribute the weight and support the load. In this design I used a 1 ½” pipe as the swivel for strength but I’m sure a smaller diameter of pipe would work just fine. The unit would have to be lag bolted to a wall stud as there will be considerable weight when it is loaded to capacity.

The majority of the material used is 2x construction boards planed to 1 ¼” thick for lower cost and convenience. Dimensions are provided in British and Metric units for your convenience.

This was a fun project to draw and now I’m heading to have to shop to build one for myself as I always need more clamp storage  Happy Woodworking!

Plan #139 Clamp Rack PDF …………… $5.95

Swivel Rack PDF

Sketchup Drawing for Clamp Rack …. $6.95

Rack Sketchup Drw Purchase both files and $ave 30%

Clamp Rack Bundle #PDSU-139 …. Just $9.03

Swivel Rack Bundle

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