Table Saw Cross-Cut Sled #028

TS Cross-cut Sled

Table Saw Cross-Cut Sled

I have build and used many tablesaw cross-cut sleds over the years. Some worked well and some I could not get accurate enough to be of any value. This fence forward design seems to do the trick. The sled is very easy to build and easy to setup accurately. A tablesaw sled is of no value if it isn’t accurate. As with any jig or project your equipment must be tuned for accuracy and safety as well.

 Setting up your new Jig!

The saw blade must be 90 degrees to the miter gauge slot and the fence (not used with this jig) to avoid binding and ultimately kick back. Make your base slightly oversized, mount your mitre gauge slide to the sled, then trim the edge of the base so you know it is parallel to the blade and miter slot. Then square your fence to the edge you just cut and you’re good to go. The fence forward design doesn’t limit the size of board you can cut just remember to cut no more than you can handle safely.            

TS Sled PDF Plan #028 …. $ 2.39


Table Saw Jig Sketchup File Only # S-028  $3.39

TS Sled Sketchup

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TS Sled Bundle

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