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180 Seven Bandsaw Box Templates

Seven Bandsaw Box Templates for $4.95 Bandsaw Box Templates I don’t know about you but every time I want to make a bandsaw box I spend more time designing and looking for a template than I do making the box. (Almost)  In this package I have included templates for seven different styles of boxes. Bandsaw […]


Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy

 Bandsaw Boxes are fun & simple Download the Free PowerPoint presentation below ….. This was a instructional PowerPoint I made awhile back for the Instructable’s Website. It takes you step by step through the process to make bandsaw boxes. If you have never made them before you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by finished […]

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117 Wheelbarrow

Wooden Wheelbarrow + Bonus – Bandsaw Circle Jig Included This wheelbarrow is a fun practical project that will offer a few challenges to build. In order to make the front wheel for the wheelbarrow you will need to cut nicely rounded circles. To help you accomplish the perfect circles I have included a circle cutting […]

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063 Round Table + Circle Jig

Round Table + Jig This round table is an advanced project with a challenging twist. As a bonus I have included a plan for making the bandsaw circle jig in case you require that method to cut your top and shelf. The top and bottom shelf are quite easy to build using the enclosed jig plan […]

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Band Saw Re-Saw Jig (FREE)

Another FREE plan This plan came about after watching a video from the Woodworkers Guild of America. The host explains the procedures to build this simple jig for re-sawing on the bandsaw. I thought a few pictures might add further clarification.  If you have ever tried to re-saw a board on your band saw you’ll […]

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030 Bandsaw Circle Cutting Jig

Bandsaw Circle Cutting Jig If you want to make perfect circles quickly and easily this is bandsaw circle jig is for you. Just set your circle radius, make your entry point and spin your work piece into the blade. Presto very accurate circle. Easy to build and easy to use what more could you want. […]