Basic Wall Hung Cabinet

170 Basic Wall Hung Cabinet

This basic wall hung cabinet is an easy to build storage cabinet. The cabinet could be very handy in the shop or the laundry room. Basically wherever you want to store items you need but would rather have then out of site.  The construction is very simple and the joinery is very basic. The sides are mirror images of each other. The only difference being the right side has hinge mortises and the left side has a place for magnets. The magnets are just a… Read More »170 Basic Wall Hung Cabinet

Basic Library Chair

163 Basic Library Chair: Easy Construction

 This BASIC Library Chair is a fun, straight forward project that will be handy in any household or shop. This version of the chair is designed to use floating tenons (like a Domino). This makes assembly much easier and just as strong. I constructed the chair/ ladder using hardwood which does add a little weight but the strength is greatly improved with any hardwood. NOTE: This download now contains 2 versions of the same chair. One at a chair height of 16 1/2″ and a… Read More »163 Basic Library Chair: Easy Construction

135 Twin Bed (Basic Build) with storage

TWIN BED For anyone that has looked around the website you may have come across a twin bed video series under” Videos, Tips & Techniques” that was produced by Kreg Tools a few years back. Unfortunately their plan doesn’t appear to be available anymore. I watched the video several times and created the plan from that. The bed is a very basic build, assembled using pocket hole joinery.  It is constructed with two assembled boxes that are joined back to back to form the main… Read More »135 Twin Bed (Basic Build) with storage

Basic Bookcase

035 Basic Bookcase: A simple design and an easy build

Basic BOOKCASE? This is a very basic yet elegant bookcase with a closed cupboard in the lower half or is it?. The bookcase stands just over six foot with the crown molding, 32 inches wide and 13 1/4″ deep. Constructed using veneer core plywood and finished with a solid wood trim. The whole unit can be built for a minimal cost yet appear as a very expensive piece of furniture. You could easily change the back panel from plywood to a ship-lap back if you wanted to… Read More »035 Basic Bookcase: A simple design and an easy build