105 Compact Single Folding Bed

Collapsible Single Bed Updated October 2019  Everyone loves a challenge. One of the SCA (Society of Creative Artist’s members challenged me to come up with a single bed that would dismantle small enough to fit in a compact vehicle. This is the result. The compact bed when assembled measures the same as the single bed, capable of fitting a mattress 30” x 77”. With the new design changes the bed will dismantle to a footprint of just 7 ½” high x 24 ½” wide x… Read More »105 Compact Single Folding Bed

KD Queen

115 Knock Down Queen Bed: Easy disassembly

Knock Down Queen Size Bed Updated & Revised October 2019 As an alternative to all of the Bed-In-A-Box plans I thought I would draw up a plan that is not as complex and is less expensive to build than the fold up versions. This knock down queen size bed can be built using standard home center materials, namely 2 x 4’s and 5/4 decking boards. This bed will disassemble into 4 main pieces plus the slat boards. The construction lumber should be flattened and smoothed… Read More »115 Knock Down Queen Bed: Easy disassembly

173 Viking Bed (Queen)

Revised & Updated September 2019 James, who is a member of a Viking re-enactment group has requested a Viking bed (Queen) plan. During my research for Viking beds I found that the beds are a very basic construction. These beds are built so they can be taken apart. I’m assuming they had to be transportable as the group move from camp to camp. I couldn’t find many examples that had headboards. However we have added an optional one so your pillow doesn’t keep falling off the bed.… Read More »173 Viking Bed (Queen)

102 Single Folding Bed

Single Folding Bed Revised and Updated September 2019  At the request of several members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) organization I have designed a smaller (30” x 77”) version of the single bed in a box. The bed is designed to look like its big brothers plan #098 & #099 yet be made for a single user. A lot of the construction details are the same, especially the corner legs, however how the bed folds and converts into a bench are completely different.… Read More »102 Single Folding Bed

Double Folding Bed V2 #148

Double Size Folding Bed At the request of several woodworkers I have completely re-vamped the double size bed in a box. If would prefer the original double sized Bed in a Box you can find it HERE A standard double (full) size mattress measures  53″ x 74 1/2″ (134.5 x 189 cm) The lid (top) and locking handles store away inside when in bed mode and then drops into place when in box mode. As with the original version the box halves are locked together with a… Read More »Double Folding Bed V2 #148

111 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 1

  Queen Size Folding Bed End Folding VERSION Now Available …… Plan # 149 After several requests from interested visitors to the site and previous clients I have finally completed the plan for the Queen size Bed-In-A-Box. Very similar in design to the double sized bed with the removable middle side rail which then collapse in on itself for transporting. It amazes me how a few inches added or subtracted changes so many components within a project. I have also addressed an issue that dealt… Read More »111 Queen Size Folding Bed Version 1

Cradle 006

006 Cradle: Babies first bed

Cradle: Babies First Bed This cradle build is a challenging project that will definitely be appreciated by the recipient and his parents. Babies seem to like being rocked gently this project will certainly help out. Be prepared when the new bundle of joy arrives. This oak cradle was designed and built on the fly as all of a sudden the grandchild was due and we hadn’t finished. As it turned out we beat the deadline with about 48 hours to spare – no problem. This… Read More »006 Cradle: Babies first bed

Double Bed

Brian’s Original Queen Bed Build Project

Brian the artist/ woodworker from New Orleans, was good enough to share photos and a stop motion video of his build for plan #111, the Original Queen Bed Project. Being the clever artist/ woodworker that he is, came up with a brilliant idea to support the headrest. The modified design lets a person lean back against the headrest to read. As an added bonus you get a small corner ledge that works well for holding your favorite beverage. The bed was built for a friend/… Read More »Brian’s Original Queen Bed Build Project

90 Degree Bunks

137 – 90 Degree Twin Bunk Beds with a desk

90 Degree Twin Bunk Beds These 90 degree twin bunk beds are the second in the series of bunk beds. These are twin size beds which are turned 90 degrees to each other. This configuration provides space under the top bunk that can be used as a work or study area. If you prefer the standard bed over bed design check out plan #136. Bunk beds are a great addition to any home. Saving space and providing a bed for your children’s visitors. The beds… Read More »137 – 90 Degree Twin Bunk Beds with a desk

Twin Bed

142 Twin Folding Bed (formerly Bed in a Box)

TWIN Folding Bed To complete the line of Bed in a box designs and at the request of followers of the website I have finalized the Twin bed. The twin bed is designed to hold a mattress which is 38” x 74 ½”. This size worked out perfectly it even has extra storage space when the unit is in the box configuration. I increased the slat size to ¾” thick because of the extra width without a center support. I also cut down on the… Read More »142 Twin Folding Bed (formerly Bed in a Box)