Bee House

Basic BEE Incubator (FREE)

Basic BEE Incubator: This Basic BEE Incubator is the second in the bee house series. The first house is a fairly complicated build whereas this simplified version will be much easier to build. However it will still provide a safe place for bees to flourish. This is a simple mitered box with a removable front panel for fall cleaning. It contains a variety of tube sizes to attract several different types of bees. The front panel sits ¾” away from the housing tubes so predators… Read More »Basic BEE Incubator (FREE)

Luxury Bee Condo

BEE Condo Incubator (FREE)

BEE CONDO INCUBATOR Insect pollinators contribute $29 billion to U.S. farm income Bees and other insects that pollinate plants in the United States have suffered in recent decades from mites, pesticides, pathogens, land development and habitat fragmentation. Nevertheless, production of insect-pollinated crops has mostly increased this century. Now, new research shows that insect pollinators’ value to farmers may be hard to replace. Bees are amazing and so beneficial, unfortunately they are decreasing in numbers. They are so important to our agricultural system, everyone should help… Read More »BEE Condo Incubator (FREE)