Contemporary Table-Bench #002

This outdoor table/ bench is designed for outdoor use. Cedar would be an excellent choice for any outdoor project. This is a very simple build with only five unique parts multiplied over and over. Have Fun…. happy woodworking    

Entryway Bench #153

There is a restaurant nearby that I frequent. I saw a bench similar to this in their entryway. I took a couple of pictures, came home and started to create my version of the entryway bench. There are several variables with any build. You could certainly simplify the legs, just make a gentle curve or leave them rectangular. I also added an optional drawer that hangs below the bench for storage. Templates are provided to make laying out the curves easier. The rungs (dowels) in… Read More »Entryway Bench #153

Convertible Table-Bench

118 Convertible Table or Bench

Convertible Picnic Table or Bench   This convertible bench – table is great when you are limited for space on a small deck or a campsite easily convert your bench into a picnic table or table into a bench whatever you need at the time. Made entirely from construction lumber or if you want to dress it up you may want to use cedar. The overall construction of this project is quite basic but accuracy it very important. There has to be clearance while converting from… Read More »118 Convertible Table or Bench

103 Knock-Down Bench

Simplified Knock-Down Bench The bench is designed so it dis-assembles easily for easy transport and storage. Some medieval seating was quite simple and easy to build. The decorative support rails (stretchers) are certainly required for stability however the decorative edges are just a matter of choice. This style of this knock-down bench appeared through the fifteenth and sixteenth century paintings and illustration. You could use any material to construct this bench but I would suggest a hardwood for strength. Also keep in mind grain direction,… Read More »103 Knock-Down Bench

Entryway Bench #179

A friend of mine gave me an entryway bench very similar to this. I thought it was so useful and didn’t take up much space by the doorway I wanted to re-create a workable plan. I modified it to dimensions that made more sense to me. I shortened the overall length and made it slightly deeper. It’s a great place for anyone young or elderly that needs to sit down to remove or put on their footwear. The seat is also a storage area with… Read More »Entryway Bench #179

Piano Benches

124 Piano Benches

Piano Benches with File Drawers This project was originally designed for a 3D Woodworking customer. As with any custom design and to keep the cost down for the customer I reserve the right to use the drawing on the website in the future so here it is. The overall dimensions of the benches are roughly: Large bench 68” w x 18” d x 26” h and the smaller two drawer version is 34.5” w x 18” d x 26” h. The majority of the components… Read More »124 Piano Benches

123 A Simple Bench

A Simple Bench I came across a picture of this very simple bench. The bench is small enough that it would fit nicely in an entrance way and great place to sit and put on or take off your outdoor footwear. The design consists of only four parts and a total of seven pieces so the bench project could easily be completed in a weekend with the exception of the final finishing. This would make a great getting started in woodworking project as well as… Read More »123 A Simple Bench

092 Utility Bench

Useful Utility Bench This utility bench plan came about as a result of a weekend away at a friend’s cottage. While everyone else was still sleeping I was up and looking for something to do. I found this little bench out on the porch and thought it would make a useful addition to anyone’s home so I took some measurements and drew up a rough sketch of the bench. Everyone can use a handy little bench like this. It doubles as a chair, sometimes a… Read More »092 Utility Bench

022 Garden Bench: Now you can relax in style

 Garden Bench: Relaxation Plus This garden bench (once constructed) provides a comfortable place to sit and relax in your garden. The gently curve in the seat and comfortable backrest make a great place to take a break. From your hard work in the shop of course. As with any outdoor project wood selection is very important. Mahogany would be the best choice, however unless you won the lottery or have unlimited funds you might want consider alternatives. I would suggest you take a look at Cedar… Read More »022 Garden Bench: Now you can relax in style

Deacons Bench

018 Deacons Bench: Useful seating & storage

Deacons Bench The Deacons Bench makes a great addition to any entrance way. Approximately 16” deep by 30” long it provides a great place to sit and put on your footwear, not to mention the inside storage for scarves, hats, gloves and such. The rock solid construction will stand up to years of use. I built this Deacon’s bench using ash however any hardwood would work well. The frame and panel construction provides you with many finishing options. One option might be to use panels… Read More »018 Deacons Bench: Useful seating & storage